Ultimate Habits of Successful People to Manage Stress

They believe in the power of Deep Breathing

Successful people are big fans of deep breathing. It is said that deep breathing helps in full oxygen exchange and it helps in slowing the heartbeat and lowering or stabilising blood pressure. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down. First, you have to take a normal breath. Then take a deep breath. While breathing slowly through your nose you have to allow your chest and lower belly to rise as you fill your lungs. You have to feel your abdomen expanding fully. Now you have to breathe out slowly through your mouth. Keep aside some time for deep breathing and see how it helps you.

They Stop Negative Self-Talk

How we communicate with ourselves impacts a lot on our health. Successful people know how to manage anxiety by stopping negative self-talk. The more you think about negative thoughts, the more power you give them. You have to remind yourself that negative thoughts are just that — thoughts, not facts.

They Remember the “Big Picture.”

Whatever you want to achieve or do in life can be thought of in multiple ways. For example, when thinking of “exercising” it can be described in Big Picture terms, like “get healthy”. You can also think of the ‘why’ of exercising or it can be described in more particular words like “running two miles every day” — the ‘how’ of exercising. The moment you start thinking of the ‘Big Picture’ it won’t be stressful for you as you will be having a better understanding of what you want to achieve.

They Have Self-compassion

Successful people always love themselves. Self-compassion is all about being willing to look at your mistakes with kindness and self-understanding and not with self-criticism. Self-compassion thus helps us to reduce our stress as it helps in identifying and therefore addressing what our needs are. One of the great things about self-compassion exercises is that they can be practised. You can feel incredibly sad, anxious, or frustrated with yourself, and begin to build a habit of self-compassion. Through self-compassion–through learning to relate to yourself and your experiences with kindness and compassion–you can learn to let go of internal struggles and connect more fully with the world around you.

They Always ask for help

It often happens that when we are facing challenges we shut down and withdraw within ourselves. We are not confident to talk about the cause of our stress, or we are not sure whom to talk to. Most commonly, people who suffer from stress are reluctant to admit that they have stress and then need help. They think that people will consider them weak if they will talk about their stress. Avoiding friends and family will only lead to a feeling of helplessness. Successful people always consult a professional, like a therapist or a counsellor when they are under stress. They can also go to a friend, family member or a support group to discuss their problems and find the solution to it.



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