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Charu Mehrotra
3 min readSep 25, 2023


Master the art of public speaking with the assistance of an AI-powered speech coaching app — Orai.

Even the most capable leaders can succumb to nervousness when faced with public speaking, leading to moments of self-doubt and uncertainty about their performance.

But fear not, for Orai is here to help!

Orai App

Imagine having a convenient app, much like Duolingo, to hone your public speaking skills and boost your confidence before stepping up to the microphone. Well, meet Orai. Orai offers structured lessons and practical exercises that are easily accessible on iOS, Android, and the web. It’s the ideal alternative to apps like LikeSo, VoiceVibes, Astound, and even traditional Toastmasters sessions.

What sets Orai apart is its personalized lesson plans, designed to target specific speaking skills, identify speech habits, and provide instant AI-driven feedback. This app is a game-changer for consultants, educators, and managers looking to enhance their public speaking abilities.

In a nutshell, Orai is your go-to app for improving your public speaking prowess. It provides bite-sized lessons and leverages AI-driven feedback to help you refine your speech. With just four weeks of dedicated practice, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your workplace communication.

With Orai, you can practice your speech in real-time by speaking into your device’s microphone. This convenient tool is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing you to practice on the go. Orai gives you the flexibility to practice with provided scripts, your custom content, or even on-the-fly improvisation. It’s your ticket to preparing for presentations, self-introductions, and job interviews with confidence.

As you progress through the lessons, you’ll master essential public speaking techniques, including storytelling, boosting confidence, and enhancing conciseness. What’s more, you can review your practice sessions by playing back the recordings and receiving instant AI-driven insights.

Say goodbye to the feeling of speaking into a void-Orai provides you with valuable feedback on various aspects of your speech, such as pacing, energy, and the use of filler words. The app also conveniently stores your practice recordings for future reference.

But that’s not all! Orai empowers you to track your improvement over time and pinpoint areas where you can enhance your speaking habits. You can even customize the app to detect and flag your specific filler words, helping you eliminate distracting speech patterns like “um” or “like.”

Create a profile within Orai to keep tabs on your progress, including your lesson streak, average speaking duration, and set lesson reminders to stay on track. Don’t let the fear of public speaking hinder your career advancement. With Orai, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to excel in any presentation scenario.

Say goodbye to those presentation nightmares and hello to a more confident you!

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