Innovative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Retail Business and Attract Customers

Charu Mehrotra
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A retail business is nothing without proper marketing ideas & promotion tactics. Change things up and discover some new ways and strategies to get more customers shopping.

Working in retail guarantees a few things, but the most important is customer demand. People will always need to shop because the world runs on a consumer-based industry. However, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll look to your business for their products. As a result, you need to grab shoppers’ attention. Here’s how to properly promote your retail business.

Marketing Ideas

Start Socializing

The world is a social place. More specifically, it’s a social media place. No matter what your business is, you need to be on social media. There are two routes you can take. Some companies prefer to cover every platform. And others choose a more strategic approach.

It might be best to stick with only a couple of platforms instead of all of them. For example, if you own a crafting or furniture business, it makes more sense to utilize Instagram and Pinterest than Twitter. You can tweet promotional codes on your page, but images are your best bet. People want to visualize and see your products in action.

Play Up the Season

Sometimes your best weapon is Mother Nature. When the seasons change, so should your promotions and slogans. Now that the weather is getting warmer, consider using some spring marketing slogans and campaigns to grab customers’ attention.

A quick turn of phrase is enough to quip someone’s interest. Plus, the catchier it is, the more it’ll stay in people’s heads. This is around the time people need to refresh their summer wardrobes, get started on spring cleaning, and update their homes. You have plenty of chances to grab their attention.

Get Customer Assistance

Your customers are your best allies. They’ll get the word as fast as your social media. A referral campaign guarantees current customer loyalty and will bring in new customers. Referral campaigns vary, but the main idea is to provide an incentive.

When customers are getting ready to check out, let them know about the benefits they could reap by helping to bring in some new clientele. It could be as simple as a customer sharing a link on their social media page and receiving a $25 credit toward their next purchase. And when the new customer comes in, you can relay the same information to them.

Send a Text

People are always on their phones. Even the ones who claim they never look at their phone will pick it up now and then. This is your superpower. Have a number on file for all customers who frequent the store or shop online.

Once you have that number, you can tell them all about the rewards and promotions coming up. Not everyone will allow the text updates to continue, but they’ll still read them first and see what’s new. Text promotions are better than email because they won’t go straight to spam or a junk folder.

Since there isn’t one standard way to properly promote your retail business, you may want to try all these strategies.

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