Igniting Aspirations, Her Courage Leaders Summit 2024

Charu Mehrotra
5 min readFeb 20, 2024

ABWCI Supports Her Courage Leaders Summit

Join the Social Entrepreneurs Class Living at the Her Courage Leaders Summit! Ignite the spark to empower women entrepreneurs, shatter barriers, and transform dreams into reality.

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Class Living, a social enterprise, has proudly announced the launch of the annual “Her Courage Leaders Summit.” This inaugural event is slated for March 22, 2024, at the ERA APAC Centre and aims to unite, celebrate, and elevate women entrepreneurs and leaders at the vanguard of transformative global change.

The Summit is crafted to inspire and empower the women leaders of today while igniting the aspirations of the next generation.

The summit is also supported by the Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry (ABWCI), with Minister of State for Education & Manpower Gan Siow Huang confirmed as the inaugural summit’s Guest of Honour (GOH).

Class Living is a social enterprise that is passionate about empowering women to focus on self-development, providing them with the tools and expertise they need to achieve their dreams and to help them transform into leaders in their own right. Class Living recognises a woman’s value and purpose by celebrating her voice, visibility and journey, turning the impossible into I’M possible, and anchoring on the core values CLASS — Courage, Love, Authenticity and significance.

The ABWCI is a global chamber for women entrepreneurs, which enables and celebrates women’s business acumen and ambition by connecting members to industry leaders, professional development resources, and global opportunities.

Lilian Ong, CEO and Founder of Class Living and Women of Courage Asia, said,” By joining forces, encouraging one another, and sharing our stories of success, we provide women with a safe environment and opportunities to grow and learn from other women entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and those who desire to break through any fear barriers.

Her Courage Leaders Summit is also very much in alignment with the Singapore government’s agenda to provide opportunities for women in Singapore to help shape the country’s future, in recognition of the vital roles they will continue to play in society.”

The summit, which is expected to attract 200 participants, will also serve as a platform for women in the Class Living communities to expand their networks and continue learning while allowing others to tap into this network of friendships and opportunities. Among the speakers confirmed for the summit are Dr. Naomi Dowdy and Sabrina Tan, in addition to MOS Gan Siow Huang.

As the first woman brigadier general in Singapore, MOS Gan has been instrumental in initiatives to attract women to the Infocomm and technology sectors, advocating training and job-matching opportunities for those returning to work, and implementing flexible work arrangements to encourage more women to join the workforce.

Dr. Dowdy is the founder-Chancellor of TCA College, as well as Chairperson of Network for Christian Women (NCW), with a focus on enriching and empowering women to fulfil the calling upon their lives. Albeit approaching ninety, Dr. Dowdy still actively travels to speak, train, & inspire business leaders locally and globally to be world changers, encouraging them to use their enterprises as a force for good in the world.

Ms Sabrina Tan is the founder and CEO of Skin Inc. Supplement Bar, a leading global customised skin tech and AI brand wellness for your 360 wellness and beauty from within. A full list of the speakers at the summit can be found on the .

The full-day event is packed with captivating keynote speakers, dynamic panel discussions, empowering workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities.

It culminates with the fifth-anniversary celebration of Women of Courage Asia with an awards ceremony to recognise outstanding and extraordinary women who are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape. Nominations can be made through this on the website.

“Our message is clear in that we strongly believe in the power of courageous women’s leadership and the power they wield in partnering with male leaders to create a transformative impact in their spheres of influence, to bring about a better tomorrow, and to make it a better place,” said Ms Ong.

“From being the backbone of the family to running successful businesses, from playing integral roles in society; to changemakers and fighting for what they believe; from fostering innovation to breaking fears and glass ceilings. It does not matter what backgrounds they come from and what kind of paths they design for the future; the plan is to provide them all with opportunities to expand their networks and learn from each other as they navigate challenges in their business and personal lives.”

Added Dr. Ambika Sharma, CEO of ABWCI, “Empowerment begins with embracing your uniqueness. Women don’t just break glass ceilings; they build new heights, redefine success, and inspire generations. One should keep forging their path with resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. Together, we will create a world where every woman’s entrepreneurial dream knows no bounds.”

Her Courage Leaders Summit is not just an event; it is a catalyst for change. It aligns seamlessly with Singapore’s national agenda to champion women’s roles in shaping the nation’s future, reinforcing the belief that women are pivotal in every societal aspect.


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Class Living is a social enterprise that is passionate about empowering women to focus on their self-development so that they can achieve their dreams & destinies while making a positive impact in their spheres of influence. We are also passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs through Collaboration, Community Building and Mentorship.

The Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) is a global chamber supporting women in business. ABWCI reaches out to more than 1,300,000 women entrepreneurs with a presence in over 30 countries. ABWCI is among the first few organisations to be listed on the Social Stock Exchange (NSE, India) and recognised as the knowledge partner of the Women20 engagement group under India’s G20 presidency, a testament to ABWCI’s pivotal role in advancing societal transformation and women-led development.

The chamber is fostering a robust community of women entrepreneurs; providing them with opportunities to access investment capital, trade networks, & entrepreneurial education; and advocating for policies resulting in women-centric entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide.

For more information about ABWCI, please visit www.abwci.org

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