How to be healthy?

1. Play tricks with yourself-

Buy a small plate and take small portions in it. The quantity of food plays important role in maintaining a healthy body. If your plate size will be small then automatically you will take a small portion only and slowly you can develop a habit of controlling yourself by taking a big portion of food on your plates.

2. Choose as many vegetables on your plate-

Vegetables are full of so many important nutrients for a healthy body. To maximize vegetable intake focus on filling your more than half plate with a variety of vegetables and then the remaining plate can be filled with protein and carbohydrates.

3. Positive thinking with an attitude of gratitude-

A positive attitude in life can help build up a healthy immune system and improve overall health. Whatever you are thinking is certainly affecting the body in a certain way so why not have positive thinking. Gratitude leads to a positive health effect. Practising gratitude can lead to having better-connected relationships and more motivation in life.

4. Add innovative ways to walk in your day list-

Plan your meets while walking. You can avoid parking your car in the first 10 places, then you can add more to your walk for the day. Instead of taking your car, you can walk with them to school, if nearby. Whenever you are getting breaks in your office make sure you are walking around.

5. Buy a standing working desk

If your work includes sitting for long hours a day, consider buying a desk that naturally increases your daily movement. EverDesk, and Omnidesk, are some good brands for buying standing desks. Standing desks are flexible by nature and move you which is good for your body.



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