Episode 9: Bizway- An Online Presence Platform Talk Show Presents Entrepreneur Bindu Babu’s Wow Story

BIZWAY is Online Presence Platform presented in collaboration with Womenlines and Solworxs.

The platform solves three issues-
(1) Soft version of a shark tank for business to pitch
(2) Cross border promotion of product & services
(3) Access for enthusiastic professionals

In the ninth episode, we present the wow story in the interview above, of Entrepreneur Bindu Babu from New York.



  • We are limitless, go after the YES with passion, dedication and the drive and fine-tune it with intelligence
  • Look for a reputable person to teach and to take you further
  • Always trust your intuition and mainly the inner-being
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have to be the control freak take the relevant support from all trusted people
  • Go limitless and live the life you desire with the mind-body connection and get in touch with inner connection

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