Episode 4: Bizway- An Online Presence Platform Talk Show presents Mentor Neslihan Girgin’s Wow Story

Womenlines in collaboration with Solworxs, a business company from India, takes pleasure to present BIZWAY– An Online Presence Platform. Womenlines is an online magazine promoting excellence in women across the globe so they can become the best version of themselves. Solworxs is a business services company in India, founded by Mani Lakkaraju, wheeling the ideations and helping Entrepreneurs to Transform their ideas in Businesses with support of Mentoring, Technology Advisory, Fund Raising.

Bizway is an international Online Presence Platform with a key objective to foster beyond and enable entrepreneurs to grow into the future. Online presence platform is a service which is offered by the Bizway team to facilitate business to join an online show and create the marketable content from the online show which is later made available at various branded digital pages like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and online magazine Womenlines for 24*7 digital presence of the content online.

The platform solves three issues
(1) Soft version of a ‘Shark Tank’ for businesses to pitch
(2) Cross border promotion of product & services
(3) Access for enthusiastic professionals

Business needs to register for the platform and needs to take the relevant briefing to get ready for presence online. The briefing will be of two stages. The first stage is based on the basic mentoring that helps business to understand the key pointers to highlight and the later stage is personal branding related to present well for the online session. A very interesting bi-monthly show, especially for entrepreneurs across!

In the third episode, we present Mentor Neslihan Girgin’s wow story from Turkey. Visionary with 20 years of Banking, Textiles, Design, Logistics Sectors and Business Association experiences.

Listen to Neslihan’s Wow story from herself in the interview above.

Neslihan Girgi’s Profile

Business Bytes

Email urbizway01@gmail.com to register for the show!

As a startup founder reach out to Solworxs (http://www.solworxs.com/) organization which can help you to transform your ideas in businesses with the support of Mentoring, Technology Advisory, Fund Raising. Solworxs is currently running a community program (AmpleNet) aimed to foster Citizen Development and Integration enabling entrepreneurs to maximize on the NoCode or LowCode Technology cloud platforms by offering state of the art business solutions.

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